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Supporting Families with Accurate Information About Down Syndrome

Delivering a diagnosis of Down syndrome, either in utero or postnatally, can be very challenging for any physician.  The purpose of this interactive tutorial is to provide physicians with current knowledge about DS, as well as the communication tools to adequately support families and prospective parents at the point of the initial diagnosis of Down syndrome.

As a pediatrician, you will want to know what the parents of the newborn may have experienced in the birth of their child. As an obstetrician, you will be better able to communicate with parents about critical in utero decisions if you are exposed to the complexity of issues and emotions associated with the birth of a child with Down syndrome.

If you choose to enter the Full Tutorial, you will receive information about diagnosis of Down syndrome in utero and after delivery.  This tutorial also includes virtual family cases. If you choose to enter the Refresher Course, you will have the opportunity to review key points in providing a diagnosis of Down syndrome.

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